(Updated 29th September 2016)

Hey guys, I’m Glenn Cooper, a House DJ (33 year old). I was born in the UK (Durham), but now live in Tenerife with my wife and two dogs, we’re also expecting our own family, to land next month ?

I’m a Co. Partner of 247House, an Internet radio station and record label specialising in House music. I am also the founder of HearMe, a network of Internet Radio stations specialising in all genres of music.

I developed this website with the intentions of collaborating with other musicians to strategically devise strategies that will help us get the best out of social networks.

Personally I have seen my Facebook pages and other platforms struggle, in particular reaching out to current and new fans.

I’m expecting lots and lots of mistakes to be made here, but hopefully I’ll also find some social network goldmines along the journey!

Glenn Cooper aka deepGC