Using FollowLiker to Jack Your Twitter Account

How to Effectively Promote Your Music on Twitter (by Cheating…)

Using FollowLiker to Promote Your Twitter Account(s)

Following on from last week’s article covering DJ Branding and why you should have a DJ Logo, today we are looking into a social media hacking tool – FollowLiker. Specifically the Twitter version of Followliker. Unlike Hootsuite and other social media tools, FollowLiker really does get you some great results. I have been performing trials on the software against DJ Fictitious – a DJ profile I made up to test various social media hacks. The general aim is to see how far we can push, or hack, the social networks to really get the most from our promotional efforts.

Using FollowLiker for Twitter Promotion
How to effectively promote your music on Twitter

What is FollowLiker?

Followliker is a desktop application (Windows and Mac) that logs into your social network account(s) and automates various tasks on your behalf. The cost is $57.99 (£40.00) for one license. The actions the software automates include:

  • Following users
  • Un-following users
  • Tweeting
  • Retweeting
  • Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Replies
  • Liking Tweets
  • Un-liking Tweets

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So how would this help increase your audience? Well, the concept is simple, and you’ve probably experienced the processes in real life. Let’s take an example, you’ve just set up a new Twitter account account and someone follows you. For a lot of people, it would only be natural to follow them back, I’ve done it and know of others that do it also. Taking this to the next step, if a particular user was liking your posts, again, you would feel compelled to follow that user. The same goes for users that comment on your tweets or retweet your statuses.

What FollowLiker does, is automate the activities of a regular Twitter user. It simply interacts with other Twitter users to encourage them to follow you back.

Now for those sceptics out there, you may think this is quite a blunt tool. Actually, you couldn’t be further from the truth, and I shall take a few moments to explain how this “blunt” application can be sharpened to create the finest of Twitter marketing tools.

Let’s look at some stats from a new Twitter account that we had set up for DJ Fictitious…

Results from the Fictitious Twitter Account

So in this case scenario, we created a brand new Twitter account for testing. Now, this was the first time I had used FollowLiker myself and I was a little concerned to let the software go wild on a new account. So what I did was to manually follow some Twitter accounts myself, to make it look more natural to Twitter. So, I followed around 1,000 different DJs and artists to get it up and running, then handed it over to FollowLiker to do it’s magic:

FollowLiker Twitter results for a new account

Let’s just run through some of the headings for the sake of clarity:

  • Follower – This is the number of Twitter followers or fans the account has
  • Gains – The daily increase in followers
  • Following – How many accounts Fictitious is following
  • Follows – The number of follows performed in that day
  • Unfollows – The number of unfollows performed in that day
  • Tweets / Retweets / Likes / Unlikes – How many actions were performed in that day

There are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Prior to the 19th October, the software was running on my iMac – my main workstation and decided that I should move it to my Windows PC. It was “getting in the way” slightly and thought it would be best run on a separate machine regardless.
  • Also around the 19th October, I was locked out of the account by Twitter and had to perform a phone verification. This phone verification was set off as “my account was showing automation.” After a quick SMS verification and after talking with the FollowLiker support team, it was clear that I was being too aggressive for a new account and that I should half my daily activities which put me back under the radar. That being said two weeks later, with another Twitter account that was around three years old, I found that I could be much more aggressive with the follow / unfollow settings. More on this later…

But, with this information, it’s pretty clear that the software has had some pretty good effects. Let’s say I started on 200 followers (due to my initial 1,000 followings), the software grew my audience by 250 in just over two weeks. It looked after my postings, my likes, my tweets, everything.

Twitter Analytics

Not many people are aware, but there is a free Twitter Analytics tool available. I will go into this in more detail later, but here are the stats for the Fictitious DJ account:


These are pretty damn impressive figures, bearing in mind the account is only one month old!

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A Quick Run Through Configuring FollowLiker

Unfortunately I haven’t had time lately to prepare a video for this tutorial. Some of my good friends would have heard that our new born baby boy had landed two weeks ago, which has generally affected the amount of time and sleep I generally have free! Nevertheless, I have taken the time to quickly run through some of the settings and configurations you can expect to see when installing and setting up the software. Hopefully, in the not too distant future I will revisit this tutorial with a more in-depth video guide to help. That being said, the software is rather self explanatory and the manuals will see you through what needs to be done. It is far from complicated.

The Main Screen

FollowLiker Main Screen
The FollowLiker main window shows the list of accounts you have running

The main window, shown above, will simply list all of your Twitter accounts with some key statistics such as Follows and Tweets etc. You can forget about the Proxy column. You would only really use Proxies if you are looking to scale up your Twitter activities over more than 5 accounts and is required to hide your IP address. In another project I will be requiring circa 50 Twitter accounts and I will go through the configuration more in detail at a later time. There are also two more columns, status and health, which simply provide any error messages with the account itself – you don’t need to worry about these until you see more specific messages. For example, when Twitter locked me out of my Fictitious account, the health changed to “Phone Verification”.

My double clicking each account, you can fine tune the aspects of that particular Twitter FollowLiker campaign, and again, I won’t go through all of the pages in huge detail, but here are some examples of what you can expect to see:

Scrape User Settings

Scrape User Settings

One of the first option menus is the Scrape User Settings panel. This basically tells the software how to find new users to follow. In our case studio for DJ Fictitious, we are a Deep / Soulful / Tech House DJ, so some of the keywords we want to find our followers posting have the following tags:

  • House Music
  • Deep House
  • Soulful House
  • Tech House

So what the software will do, it will find users that have tweeted, hashtagged, liked, retweeted any tweets containing the keywords that we have input. Furthermore, and you can’t see it from the above panel, but you can set the software to follow another user’s followers. For example, let’s say we were trying to mimic Defected Records, we would set the software to follow the users of Defected in the hope they would follow us back.

Follow User Settings

Follow User Settings
Follow User Settings

This panel follows on from the previous page and allows you to set options or filters on how to follow new accounts. It should all be self-explanatory but for the sake of clarity:

  • Follower to Following Ratio – the software will try and maintain the ratio you set, if set to 0.00 it will ignore this field
  • Follow limit – this is the limit of follows the software will carry out in one “run”
  • Daily follow limit – the daily maximum follows it will carry out, random number between the two parameters
  • Delay follow – the number of seconds between each follow
  • The rest of the parameters are to further fine tune who you want to follow. For example, someone who hasn’t posted on Twitter in over 40 days is extremely unlikely to follow you back as it would suggest they are an inactive Twitter user. Hence, don’t waste your time with these.

Now, what I like to do with these settings is gradually increase the number of interactions, i.e Follows each day. But the other parameters I like to mix up quite a bit to make my Twitter activity look more natural. I am no expert on this software, so I’m also finding my feet here! I will revisit this tutorial later with more statistics and findings as I progress through the year.

There are around ten settings pages in order, from Follow configurations as above, to setting actual tweets, to retweet settings, and finally you would have the automation time screen.

Automation Time Settings

Schedule Settings
Schedule Settings

To be honest, this is pretty self-explanatory, but what I like to do is to change the start and end time each day so it looks more natural. My normal routine each day would be to spend five minutes quickly running through all of the settings, adding more parameters for user scraping, adjusting tweets, and slightly changing times. Seriously, I don’t spend more than 15 minutes each day configuring four accounts. Interested to see how my Twitter account is getting on? Check out DJFictitious over on Twitter. This will also give you an idea of how natural my account looks as well. From my perspective, there’s no easy way you can see this has been fully automated, and looks very natural.

Statistics Screen

Finally, one other window you have to your disposal with FollowLiker is the statistics screen, which can be shown for each account, example as follows:

FollowLiker Statistics Window
FollowLiker Statistics Window

This should be fairly self-explanatory so let’s just move on.

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Projections & General Settings

Finally, I wondered to myself just how much we can actually push this thing. Obviously what we want is to interact with as many people as possible in order for them to follow us, but of course we also want to stay under the radar. I’ve also been told that the older your account prior to automation, the more aggressive you can be with the settings. These are the general settings I had in use, after being stung with the phone verification:

FollowLiker Settings

It must be noted, that for my older Twitter account, I was able to go much more aggressive and my daily follows / unfollows started at around 150. So far I’ve had no problems.

Purchase FollowLiker Here


So, how far can we realistically take this? And where should we be in say a years time? Looking at Twitters manuals there are general limits in what you can do, one of the main limits is the number of daily follows / unfollows, which is restricted to 1,000. Not only that, but we don’t really have that much data to form some reliable forecasts, nevertheless, I estimate that my followers are growing 15% week on week. When I get to the point that I can only follow / unfollow 1,000 per week, I would still expect I could gain 500 new followers a week. And on this basis, I think 20,000 followers is achievable in one year.

Here’s my scrappy analysis for further review:


The 7 day average sums up the total new followers in the last week, divided by the average number of followers I had. Essentially this is weekly growth.


By using the weekly growth value of 15% until we get to 1,000 follows / unfollows per day. I estimate that 20,000 is achievable.


From what I have seen so far, FollowLiker is an extremely useful tool to automate your Twitter platform. It’s simple but powerful configuration panels allow to your sculpture a very finely targeted marketing campaign that runs in the background from just investing a few minutes each day. One thing I love about this software is that some days I just forgot the adjust the software, but it always carries on with the previous days settings. I am continuing to add more and more accounts to the software and will report back when I have more information. But, for the moment in time, I have an aim of 20,000 followers by 31st October 2017.

Interested in FollowLiker, check out their website here. FollowLiker also cover other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr which I will cover at a later date.

Up next week I will probably continue with FollowLiker, but this time I will look at the Instagram side of the software. I may also look at general analytics to see how they actually perform.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback below.

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    1. Cheers Ian, there is also similar software for Soundcloud which would be more ideal for us DJs. I’ve purchased the software but from a glance it looks quite complicated and I’ll have to take my time to review it thoroughly. Watch this space as they say 🙂

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