Getting the most from Social Platforms


How to Get the Most from Social Platforms?

So it’s been a busy day and some things took longer than expected, but saying that, we’ve got a sufficiently decent site chucked together. Some areas will be tweaked and changed over time. For example I’m not too happy with the WordPress theme used, and the menus might need shuffling around a little bit. What you see was thrown together in hours and needs a brush up 🙂

SocialMediaHacking.Net – The Purpose

Coming back to the reason why this blog was set up.

It’s objective can be described in one sentence:

“To be a development blog for all kinds of musicians with the main focus of maximising returns and conversions from social networks.”

These social platforms, include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit and the many other platforms out there! The general feelings amongst people on Facebook is that results are not being obtained on such platforms. It is the intentions of this website / community to find out why this is the case, and what can be done about it.

Personally, I will be using three main “organisations” for testing purposes and as case studies during my testing.

The Starting Point

This was something that I intended to have prepared tonight, but time has been very short. However, my intentions over the next couple of days is to gather a starting point. Note down the social metrics from all of three organisations I am involved with.
These metrics would be things like:

  • Numbers of followers on each network
  • No. of engagements (if known)
  • Details of competitors (if known)
  • Examples of popular posts / articles
  • Examples of poor posts / articles
  • Some basic stats on website traffic
  • Other metrics that are readily available

I may look to share these on a public Google Sheets account, more on this later.

Anyway, with the above starting metrical information regarding the social platforms, I would then be in an ideal position to then start thinking about testing various methods and strategies to improve.

Personally, I’ll try and have this done over the next couple of days. I’m moving house in less than two weeks. I’m under pressure with various aspects of work, and the missus is also expecting our firstborn in three weeks, so it’s all fun and games lately. I will still, however, find time to keep this moving along in the background.
Thanks for taking the time to read, again, I invite your comments here. But, I would invite your collaboration more! Let me know your thoughts.


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