An article to teach you how to kickstart your facebook page, old or new

How to Kickstart your Facebook Page With Just a few Clicks – Invite All

Grow Your Facebook Fans with “Invite All”

Hey guys, apologies for the long time in blogging, it has really been a busy time in the Cooper household ūüôā Short and sweet Facebook growth strategy in this article. This is a quick article about the browser extension Invite All.

Just as a note, I haven’t been slacking over here (well blogging wise I have :/ ), I’ve been further testing the Twitter for musicians tool, created my own bot to scrape chart positions on Beatport (separate report to come on this later), as well as testing a new Soundcloud manager tool. More to come on these later…

Facebook Growth Strategy

This tutorial is going to be short and sweet, and unlike my other guides which take a bit more effort, this one is fairly effortless. I see people setting up pages every single day and continue to post on the page with perhaps tens of followers.

This is a strategy to grow your Facebook fans to hundreds of dedicated and personal fans. It’s the perfect way to start a new page. Invite All

So What Is It? “Invite All”

Basically it’s a browser extension called “Invite All”. As I use Google Chrome on a Mac for browsing, it has always worked fine for myself, but I have the understanding that it works just as well for Mozilla / IE / Edge. Simply google “Invite All”, install the browser extension, then navigate to the page you want promoting, click invite Friends and then click “Select All” to send an invite to all of your friends. The following example is a page that I have already exercised this plugin on, and really helped me get the page up and running.


Invite All is an extension that allows you you invite all of your friends to like your page (or even another page). The success rate is not bad, around 20% if your friends have the same interests as what your page promotes.

Why don’t you the extension a try with our Facebook page to see the¬†results?

Get in touch if you need any guidance with this, it’s a straightforward tool that should be used¬†every¬†page you create on Facebook.

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