October 2016 Monthly Results

Hacking Social Media Results – October 2016 Summary

Month 1

So, what was accomplished in October 2016 in terms of this blog? Well… quite a bit, but at the same time, not as much as I would have liked. But let’s quickly summarise what happened in the first month:

  1. Kickstarted the Blog with a YouTube video tutorial on How to Create a DJ Website in 1 hour’ish
  2. Prepared an article on why a DJ should have a Professional Logo
  3. Summarised my findings on FollowLiker automation for Twitter campaigns.

Now, this is the first blog I have prepared for proper public viewing, and by no means do I portray myself to be an expert in any particular field. The purpose of this blog is mainly to test various social media, and general Internet marketing techniques, and seeing what sticks. At the risk of coming across repetitive, it’s an apparent and seemingly growing problem for many people to try and convert results from social media. This blog is intended to tackle these issues head on.

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DJ YouTube Video Tutorial

Now, this turned out to be more trouble than expected! My vision for the first social media tutorial was to tackle how to create a DJ website in one hour. The reason why I selected this topic for my first article was because I have seen websites as an underused asset for DJs and producers and also they are extremely cheap and easy to set up. On this basis, it would seem a great idea to produce a video tutorial on said subject. My “vision” was that I’ll just start recording, I’ll blabber away whilst going through all of the purchase options, installations and configuring. All things considering, I expected that I would be done editing in a couple of hours.

How Wrong Could I Have Been…!

As it turns out, whilst it might take you one hour to install and develop a DJ website, it takes a LOT longer for a YouTube noob (myself) to prepare a video to explain just how! It pretty much took me two hours every night for a full week, recording, re-recording, editing, more recording, and more recording. What a pain it was! Nevertheless, the video is there now and serves the job well! Check it out and let me know how you get on!

DJ Logo Design

Example DJ Logo

This was an article I had put together, and followed on from my previous article on how to develop a DJ website in one hour. In my eyes, there are so many uses for musician graphics and logos. Furthermore, I actually believe you need at least two social media images, the first a logo for your profile picture, and the second for your banner. I love logos and graphics, they have the power and impact to send across strong signals immediately and should not be overlooked. Find out how I sourced a DJ logo for just £5 at fiverr.com.

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FollowLiker for Twitter

Now this was an exciting new project, that of FollowLiker research and application. My early advice to you for this excellent piece of software would be to take full advantage of it, no matter what field you are in. FollowLiker is basically a desktop application (PC & Mac), that automates your social medial account(s) activities (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest). We set it away on Twitter and we were astounded from the results it brought in.

Our expectations is to generate 20,000, real and targeted, Twitter fans in just 12 months. This is a rather grey hat method, but nevertheless and effective one to attract new Twitter followers.

Case Study – DJ Fictitious

OK, let’s get to the nit and gritty particulars. These details were taken as at 3rd November 2016:

  • Facebook1 Like – Probably myself 😀 – No concerns over this, I haven’t promoted it whatsoever, but I’ll come back to this at a later date.
  • Twitter – 515 Followers – 1312 Following, a great first month to be honest, I’m excited to see where this goes! The FollowLiker application helped me here.
  • Soundcloud – 2 Followers – 2 Following – Again, no concerns, I have not promoted this account, andI have tools to promote this later.
  • Instagram – 72 Followers – 219 Following – These followers were gained from an undocumented test of FollowLiker for Instagram which turned out to be fairly decent. It was my intentions to let this account age a little bit before we hit it hard with the automated software.
  • Website70 Unique Users / 389 Page Views – The problem I have at the moment is that the website is a bit “thin” in terms of content. After all, he is a made-up DJ :). Thin content is bad for rankings and I will try to improve this.

Intentions for November 2016

There’s a few things I’d like to see moving forward in November:

  • Increase Twitter profile further
  • Trial software for jacking FB likes (extremely black hat!)
  • Soundcloud automation trial
  • Instragram automation trial
  • Add more content to fictitious.dj to help DJ rankings.

Overall, this means one social media test per week, which might be my plan going forward. As always, please don’t forget to subscribe below should you want regular Hacking Social Media news delivered straight to your email box.

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